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Sadbhavana Mission - Palitana : CM challenges Centre to match 11% growth rate in Agriculture

6000 people voluntarily joined CM for the fast

Shri Narendra Modi challenged the Congress at the Centre to match Gujarat's 11% growth rate in Agriculture

Chief Minister Narendra Modi today challenged the Congress at the Centre to match Gujarat’s 11 per cent growth rate in Agriculture. He said, If the center seeks welfare or villages and farmers, they should compete with Gujarat rathar than abusing Gujarat.

Chief Minister's Sadbhavana Mission with 36 District wise fast is on the last stage. Rounding up his fast in the pilgrimage town of Palitana in Bhavnagar District, over 6000 people voluntarily joined CM for the fast. This is Shri Modi's third visit during the month to Bhavnagar and every time, he has received love from the people of Bhavanagar. He said, since 50 years, in the name of development there is mis-management and only problems for people.In the past, the elected governments for five years only provided crumbs during election to the voters, making tall promises. Gujarat Government has only tried to reach the roots and eradicate problems since ten years.

Enumerating Gujarat's achievements, Shri Modi said, "The 20 point programme originally is of Centre. However, Gujarat Government has implemented the programme since last ten years and has remarkable performance and topped in the country in implementation of the same. Incidentally, none of the five states in the implementation of this pro poor programme are Congress rules states," he said.

Chief Minister pointed out to the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's statement that hardly 15 paise out of Government treasury reached the target group. Shri Modi raised the issue and stated that his Government ensured benefits of Rs,8000 crores reaching the target group at their doorsteps by way of Garib Kalyan Melas, eliminating middlemen. Shri Modi made an allegation that Congress indulged in building vote banks but Gujarat Government has looked upon the needs of the BPL families and built houses for them. His government has made them self reliant. He said, "People trust the government and knows that the government is working for them and hence, they are supporting the government." Communal riots, curfews do not exist in Gujarat anymore, he said. Training and employment opportunities are provided to youth. Even women empowerment is taken care off for women in villages through Mission Mangalam initiative who are financially given help with Rs.1400 crores funds. This is the success of 'Sauno Saath, Sauno Vikas.' In any direction within 25 kms, development work is in progress and without burdern of any extra taxes, development work goes on in Gujarat.

Chief Minister expressed his gratitude for the tremendous support of the people of Bhavnagar. His next and last Sadbhavana Mission is scheduled on 12th February 2012 at Pilgrimage place of Ambaji, Banaskantha District.
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