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“Sadbhavna Mission will kindle light of Samvedna in every house”

“Mission shows path to nation to rise above casteism, communalism”

– Narendra Modi

Gandhinagar, Thursday: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi began his fast for Sadbhavna Mission District Abhiyan at Navsari this morning after accepting blessings of the heads of various religious heads and a large number of people from the surrounding tribal belt and seacoast.

Speaking on the occasion, he said that he decided to hold the Sadbhavna Mission only after completing ten year in office so that he could showcase to the world the fruits of Sadbhavna which was the engine of growth in the state all these years. He hoped the Mission will show right path to the nation to away from spreading the poison of communalism and casteism.

“My mission is to hold Sadbhavna Mission Abhiyan in every district in Gujarat to show to the world with confidence as to how the six-crore people’s decision to live in peace, harmony and brotherhood founded the basis of the state’s fast development,” he said.

Mr. Modi recalled how people could not yet forget the 1980’s as a decade of communal riots, arson, hatred, thirst for blood, stabbing, teargas shells and curfew – inflicting maximum blow to the poor, cart-pullers, petty shopkeepers – mothers not knowing if their sons would return safe of not. The last ten years have changed the people’s outlook, with peace and brotherhood becoming the way of life.

Reposing his faith in the great Indian mantra for development, in the tradition of ‘vasudhaivakutumbakam’, and in realization of the truth that ‘God is One’, he said that people of different faith go to different places of religion but all paths lead to the same god. The Sadbhavna Mission Abhiyan where people from different parts of the district come to take part vindicates the age-old realization.

Mr. Modi said that with the power of peace and harmony Gujarat has leapfrogged on the path of progress. Since the Gujarat has demonstrated what can be achieved with the atmosphere of peace and harmony, Chief Minister said, he can now confidently tell people to throw away the venom of communalism for the service of the nation. Clashes between communities will never serve anybody.

Chief Minister described the gesture of sending the help to the flood-affected people of Orissa by the people of Navsari and Surat on the occasion of Sadbhavna Mission as an inspiring deed.

To support the flood-affected poor of Orissa about 80,000 sari, 50,000 cloths for men, 12,000 blankets, medicines and other essential items will be handed over today to the Orissa’s MP Dharmedraji Pradhan and Shushmaji.

Sadbhanva Mission is getting support from all the five talukas of Navsari district – Navsari, Gandevi, Chikhli, Vasanda and Jalalpor – as a stream of people including tribal people and fishermen are expressing desire to partake in the Mission.

Sources: Gujarat Information Bureau 

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