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Best Solutions for an Urbanized India From Gujarat's Hon'ble Chief Minister

A recent striking example was discernible at the National Summit on Inclusive Urban Development, where he laid out ‘solutionsfor an urbanized India.’

Select towns for solid waste management and waste water treatment

In order to adapt to the demands of the rapid urbanization, experts have often stated that two critical facets have to be adhered to which is solid waste management and waste water treatment.

In his talk, Chief Minister Narendra Modi said that in one of his meetings with the Prime Minister of India, he brought up the idea of identifying 500 towns in India, where solid waste management and waste water treatment could be implemented.

He stressed upon the fact that this will ensure that what is being produced in the citieswill be passed on to villages. Say for example fertilizers in the citiesproduced could be passed on villages for multiple purposes. This mutual relationship between the cities and the villages will never give rise to conflicts. This will ensure farmers and those living in the cities are also happy.

To this suggestion, the Prime Minister had responded saying that ‘The idea sounds good, please show us a pilot model and then present it to the planning commission‘, and as expected sadly it stopped there.

But the Gujarat government on its part has taken up 50 towns in the state and has embarked on initiatives like ‘Clean city, Green city’ in partnership with countries like Japan to implement solid waste management and waste water treatment.

Evolve social mechanisms to reduce inequality

In order to reduce inequality,Mr. Modi opined that one must focus on inclusive growth and there is no shortcut to it, while elaborating he said that we must identify the most backward areas in our cities and towns and make note if they indeed have their basic amenities in place. If they don’t thenthere is an urgent need to evolve social mechanisms which will help reduce inequality and ensure the basics like health, sanitation, education etc. reach those who have been deprived of the same.

Mr. Modi was spot on that there is a need to constantly reinvent and adapt to the growing demands of the world in order to reduce inequality.

Conserve natural resources

Citing the example of Mahatma Gandhi’s house in Porbandar, Mr. Modi said that it is a must that we conserve natural resources. The example transported everybody to Mahatma Gandhi’s house to visualize an infrastructure built more than 200 years ago used for rain water harvesting. It all the more came with a pinch, that when our ancestors took such great care of conserving natural resources more than 200 years ago, why cannot we do so now? , Mr. Modi asked

Focus on Human Resource Development

Mr. Modi stated that most of the urban activities are technical in nature, but the personnel who handle these jobs are often clerical by description. Therefore this poses as a serious limitation.

Thus the focus he said should be on opening universities on urban planning, urban infrastructure, urban development for the benefit of youngsters to learn the nuances in meeting the demands of urbanization. Indeed it is true, without manpower there would be no solution and if people have to play an integral role in democracy then getting the knowledge and putting it into action is by far the need of the hour.

Train Urban police

Citing the need for training urban police, Mr Modi emphasized that police personnel in urban areas require a specific kind of training to meet the demands of the law and order situation. Thus it becomes essential for both Central and state government to train urban police in view of the safety and security of its people.

Change the psyche of the people

Citing a striking example which resonated with the audience, Mr. Modi said how he made the widely acclaimed BRTS a huge success. A list of all top personalities, political leaders, bureaucrats, lawyers etc. was made and they were all asked to travel in the BRTS, why this the Chief Minister himself admitted that he also travelled by the BRTS.

Mr. Modi did not fall of explaining the logic behind it, by stating that while offering citizen centric services it is also important change the psyche of the people towards utilizing these services.

Well, applause was all that to follow, as the audience were gripped in attention in awe of an able leader.

Serve with a vision

In my opinion, what struck an emotional chord with all those present is the fact that Mr. Modi outlined a vision for all to serve towards.

Two very vital landmark dates were placed in front of the audience, one, August 15, 2022 when India will celebrate 75 years of Independence. He said that all of us must envision how our cities will be like when India celebrates 75 years of independence and persistently work towards it. This he reckoned will be a great contribution to this wonderful nation.

Secondly, October 2nd 2019 will be Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary, as our dedication we must work towards keeping our places clean and spread the message of cleanliness, which Mahatma Gandhi stood for. This will undoubtedly be a remarkable contribution to the father of our nation.

Each one of us should serve our nation with an intention to contribute significantly and leave a legacy for everyone to emulate, to substantiate this Mr. Modi said if a government is elected by the people for 5 years, then it should serve in such a way that there is a significant impact and that it leaves a legacy for others to emulate.

As was evident, the solutions resonated with every one of those present from 411 districts and 26 states of India, to the 50 plus international delegates, to the 134 mayors, deputy mayors, to the 22 plus municipal commissioners and deputy commissioners from various municipal corporations in the country.

Not only did they intently follow every word spoken, but admired a man of substance by even applauding with conviction and went back with a motivation that India has hope.

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