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Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi has vehemently made a dent in generating people's confidence that we should not lost hope for present frustrating situation prevailing in country. Paradigm shift is all possible and Gujarat is the best example of making comprehensive and fundamental changes on development.

While speaking at the India Today Conclave on session – How can India Develop in the next Decade? Gujarat CM said that in Gujarat we have made a quantum jump in all round development in the last decade with the same functionaries, resources, and manpower in the State administration. Gujarat has empowered the people to become active partners in the growth process for strengthening democratic governance.

Emphasizing on a balanced development in all three sectors i.e. one third in industry, one third in service sector and one third in agriculture, Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi said that India can become a global leader by adopting this formula which Gujarat has introduced successfully in the State. Through technical and knowledge skills of the young workforce, India has capacity to create multiple global manufacturing hubs. India's geographic location and unique ethos of business efficiency will ensure lower costs of production and supply for the rising consumption of Asian economies.

He said that India should not follow other developing nations with expansion in the manufacturing sector to drive economic growth. Instead, India's workforce should sharpen a competitive edge as a leading knowledge based economy. It has been estimated that 90 percent of jobs in our service sector are skill-based, and not knowledge-based, and this indicates the large scope for up-grading talent. The demands for a world-class education are high for today's job market and necessary for current profession. In Gujarat we have focused on expanding and establishing new education institutes in focused areas. By preparing India's youth in key areas we are ensuring qualified professionals ready to address future challenges and create solutions, Gujarat CM added.

Shri Modi said that the world's economic centre is shifting from the West to East, where high rates of growth in emerging economies present challenges and opportunities. India's inherent strengths are the world's largest democracy, having an effective judicial system and the growing empowerment of the youth. Earlier this year, concern for global risk was described: as the world grows together, it is also growing apart. India has experienced these main threats of economic inequality, problems in water, food and energy supply and disease pandemics. To overcome and advance, India requires a double-strategy of building democracy and empowerment inwardly and also opening relations internationally, he suggested.

Addressing the gathering, Shri Narendra Modi focused on key areas which India requires for development in the next decade. These include preparing the World's Largest Workforce, Developing as a Knowledge Powerhouse, Global Gateways and Global Hubs, Balanced Development, Democracy and Empowerment, Road Map for inclusive Growth, Erasing Corruption with Efficiency and A Governance Environment Enabling all to Succeed.

Gujarat is pioneering a new model of growth based on consent from the people rather than control of the government- this is the essence of our democratic inclusiveness. The development strategy of Gujarat can be characterized as 360 degrees growth model where people become the drivers of development. In order to empower people locally to guide the growth process, the State Government has initiated Taluka Sarkar – a sub district citizen-centric approach where governance and development is activated at the grass root level. Every Taluka in Gujarat will be empowered and self sustaining to provide a local platform for driving double digit growth and social development.

On electoral reform, Gujarat CM emphasized that it is must to curb political corruptions. All elections of Loksabha to State Assemblies should be held at the same time and with stipulated time frame, it should be made mandatory to serve the people for all ruling government bodies.

In reply of a question on corruption he was asked what is the situation of corruption evil in Gujarat, Shri Modi said that it is on death bed and no chances to revive.

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