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“SadbhavnaMissionis the highestformof strength”

“Sadbhavna leadstoSamvedna”– Narendra Modi

Dwarka (Gujarat), Sunday:Gujarat Chief Minister today described the Sadbhavna Mission he had launched for unity, harmony and peace as the highest form of strength, the support of six-crore Gujaratis serving as the biggest certificate for the mission.

Ending his day-long fast as part of the second phase of district-wise Sadbhavna Mission at Dwarka, he said he would undertake similar fast in all the 26 districts and seven cities as atapasyato bridge people for unity, harmony and peace.

Thanking a large number of people who had gathered at the venue of his fast since morning, CM said that young and old, men and women, heads of different sects and representatives of innumerous organizations lent extra strength to his mission by joining him during the fast. The fast has washed away all invectives and untruths being spread by vested interests againstGujarat.

He said that for the last eight years some people showered barrage of lies and wondered as to why he maintained silence. The mission has silenced them.

“I have to serve the people. I have to move ahead with the mantra of sadbhavna, taking the people along, for everybody’s welfare. The mission would not showcase the true face ofGujaratto the country,”he said.

The Chief Minister said that in a democracy the people have the right to ask and my work will speak. He said that a record six lakh people had joined his rally in Ahmedabad and there was pressure formDelhinot to give publicity to the event. The people replied to the criticism, he said.

He said that ingredient of sadbhavna is ingrained in the Gujarati community as thousands of doctor help expecting mothers free-of-cost. Under the Chiranjivi Yojna, 95 per cent of deliveries take place in institutional maternity homes. The sadbhavna was in vogue inGujaratfor the last ten years; the mission is creating just awareness about it.

Explaining further, CM said Sadbhavna leads to Samvedna. Just as pain in any part of the body hurts a person, he said, pain of any section of the society hurts the entire society. He reiterated his pledge to serve all sections of the society through Sadbhvana Mission, spending the last penny of the treasury in the public interest.

Sources: Gujarat Information Bureau

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