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“Sadbhavna Mission is to save India from the destructive politics of vote bank through peace, unity and harmony”

“Gujarat’s ‘Growth Model’ through ‘Good Governance’ is to spread the mantra of development across India”

“People absorbed all brickbats, used them as stepping stones” 

“Gujarat Government is committed to provide justice to victims”

“Have respect for the Constitution, Judiciary and Democracy”

“I bear no enmity; my fast is not against any individual”

“Every moment of life, every cell of my body is for the people”
– Narendra Modi

Ahmedabad: Saturday: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today expressed the resolve that his Sadbhavna Mission would lend a great strength to peace, unity and harmony to sound a death-knell for the destructive politics of vote bank.

Speaking on the occasion to mark the beginning of his three-day fast for Sadbhavna Mission at the Gujarat University Convention Centre here, he described the Sadbhavna Mission as a campaign to link Constitution of India with democracy and truly secular social fabric, to make India stronger and developed. 

The programme began with Mr. Modi seeking the blessings of sants and mahants, rendering devotional compositions like ‘Vaishnavjan’ amidst a solemn and somber atmosphere.   

Mr. Modi said the mission is to introduce to the world as to how the people of Gujarat changed the face of the State in an atmosphere of peace, unity and harmony. Gujarat has adopted Good Governance as the Model for Development, and as the next step forward is to spread the message of development for all across the country, free from conflict between different castes and communities. 

He exuded the confidence that this herbal medicine in the form of Sadbhavna Mission would reach 120-crore Indians in every village, every home. Expressing his empathy with the victims, he reminded the people of his oft-repeated statement that peace and harmony alone could speed up development.

“I can fully realize the pain of the victims of the people of Gujarat for the last ten years, and it is keeping this in view is launched the mantra for development to heal the wounds and serve all. The world has now got the glimpse of the six-crore people of Gujarat scaling new heights through strength of culture and character, bonhomie and amity,” he said.     

Comparing Gujarat of 1980s and 1990s when communal riots, violence and curfews were a routine affair, the Chief Minister said the first decade (2001-2010) began with killer earthquake shaking the foundation of the state. But the resilience of the people rebuilt a new Gujarat virtually from the debris in less than three years. It was immediately followed by a communal frenzy taking the toll of innocent people. Many critics doubted during the first edition of Vibrant Gujarat Global Investment Summit in 2003 if entrepreneurs will ever invest in the State. But the critics were silenced on this count, too. In 2004, terrorists struck the Swaminarayan Akshardham temple at Gandhinagar. People feared that communal riots would break out in the State again. In 2008, Gujarat witnessed serial blasts, prompting the people to indulge in another round of unrest. People have absorbed brickbats for too long, ploughed them back as stepping stone for the peace and progress of the state.   

Mr. Modi recalled that no state had come to the aid of Gujarat when he had repeatedly condemned the communal riots and stressed on the need to march on to the path of development. He paid compliments to the people of Gujarat for single-handedly overcoming all obstacles and overtures. 

Chief Minister said the decade of 1980-90 was a time of communal riots, curfews, ruins and painful days. But today, because of the peace, unity and harmony in Gujarat, people can promisingly earn their livelihood. Not that only the people of Gujarat get their bread on this land, but people from all over India is settling in Gujarat for livelihood. I want to put this fact before the world through Sadbhavana Mission, he said.

“The pain and suffering of Gujarat hurt me. Despite of a continuous defamation drive against Gujarat, I never spoke ill about those defaming us. Instead, we have made a ladder of growth out of the stones thrown on us”, he said.

The politics of vote-bank, after independence, has resorted to trivialities of casteism and communalism and made people fight with each other. People of India, 120 crore of them, are still suffering due to such narrow politics. But the Sadbhavana Mission of Gujarat will ring a death-bell for vote-bank politics, said Chief Minister. 

In Gujarat, the government has never discriminated between the casts and creeds in extending developmental benefits. State witnesses a hundred percent enrollment of students in primary classes without any discrimination on communal basis. We want everybody to get benefits of development and be prosperous, he said. 

“I neither celebrate nor meet anybody on my birthday. I have chosen today to begin my fast keeping in mind the weekend and the approaching Navratri festival. There is no link between the fast and my birthday, it is just a coincident”, Chief Minister said.

In the presence of dignitaries with the social, political and religious backgrounds I want to give a faith to all the humanitarian forces that we will never step below from the humanistic parameters. “Pain of those who suffered is my pain and their happiness is my happiness. Dreams of the six crore Gujarati people are my dreams and their wants are my wants. I have committed my life for their wellbeing”, Mr Modi said.       

Mr. Modi thanked all those lending support to Sadbhavna Mission. They included: 

Narendra Modi’s zero tolerance approach has freed Gujarat from corruption and terrorism: Lal Krishna Advani

Extending good wishes to Mr Modi, former Deputy Prime Minister of India and MP Mr Lalkrishna Advani said that Mr. Modi has put Gujarat on a new height by initiating various welfare schemes in the state. Due to Mr Modi’s zero tolerance approach towards corruption and terrorism, the state has become free from such ills. 

Gujarat, a lighthouse of India: Prakash Singh Badal

Praising the achievements of Gujarat Panjab Chief Minister and NDA leader Mr Prakash Singh Badal said that in Mr Modi’s leadership Gujarat has become like a lighthouse for the rest of India. Whenever there is Chief Ministers’ conference in Delhi, they look forward to listen to Mr Modi’s thoughts on the given subjects. 

Gujarat’s development exemplary for the rest of India: Premkumar Dhumal

Extending well wishes to Mr Modi for the Sadbhavna Mission Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Mr Premkumar Dhumal said the height of achievements scaled by Gujarat is exemplary for the rest of India. Sadbhavna Mission will put an end to all the misconceptions of the people regarding Gujarat. 

Gujarat takes lead in combining peace with prosperity: Arun Jaitley

Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Mr Arun Jaitley said the Central government is indecisive on boosting the economy and is taking such decisions which make poor even poorer. In such a scenario, Gujarat has become a favorite state for the industrial houses and has emerged as a growth engine of the nation. It is historical that Mr Modi’s leadership serves Gujarat not only for the economic development but also for an atmosphere of unity, harmony and brotherhood.  

Mr Thumbidurai, Leader, AIDMK, Tamil Nadu, conveyed his Chief Minister Ms Jaylalitha’s good wishes to Mr Modi and said that Gujarat’s development under Mr Modi’s rein has attracted attention of not only India but even the countries like America. He exuded faith that Sadbhavna Mission will create an atmosphere of social harmony in Gujarat as well in entire country. 

Rajya Sabha Member Dr. Maitreyan said that Gujarat and Tamil Nadu are two examples of having a mass-leader at the helm which is bound to ensure an all-round development of the state. 

BJP leader Mr Ravishanker Prasad said that the growth achieved by Gujarat is unparalleled. Gujarat government has cared for all the communities with discrimination. Mr Modi kept mum on and let the Gujarat’s growth speak. Today when the nation speaks about collaborative effort and inclusive growth, it speaks about Gujarat.  
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