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State government spokespersons Health Minister Shri Jay Narayan Vyas and Minister of State for Energy Shri Saurabh Patel has sternly criticized the false and baseless propaganda being spread regarding the show-cause notice issued by the state government to the Gujarat cadre IPS officer Shri Rahul Sharma. Spokespersons said that Shri Sharma has not been suspended and no charge-sheet has yet been served on him.

Spokespersons further said the false propaganda is also being spread that the state government is taking punitive actions against Shri Sharma for his depositions in the courts and commissions, which is also far from the truth. Deliberate attempt is being made to shield Shri Sharma on whom a preliminary show-cause notice had been issued in January 2011, Ministers said.

Here are the details that spokespersons gave regarding the show-cause notice issued to Shri Rahul Sharma.

· Shri Sharma has committed gross misconduct by taking away vital CDs from the Case papers. Baseless allegation is being spread that Shri Rahul Sharma is being penalised for his depositions before the Courts and Commissions.

· It is not the case of the state government that as Shri Rahul Sharma deposed before Courts and Commissions for which the show cause notice has been issued. In fact it is the opposite. Because of his not giving the CDs to IO or Supervisory officer, he has caused serious infirmity to the investigation.

· Anybody, including an officer of the government can appear before the Court and Commissions as per law. State government has directed everybody to file affidavit before the Inquiry Commission headed by Justice Nanavati. State government has never objected to Shri Rahul Sharma's deposition before the Inquiry Commission neither objected his appearance before the SIT appointed by the Supreme Court.

· However, the vested interests are trying to mislead people and the Nation by false allegations. These forces are trying to shield indisciplined and delinquent officers in the name of Godhra riots. These elements are attempting to interfere in the administrative function of the state.

· The Congress Party has come out in open supporting such indisciplined conduct of an All India Service Officer which should be a matter of concern for entire Nation. It seems it is a fashion to support any amount of misconduct, dereliction of duty and recalcitrant behavior of anybody who claims that he knows something about 2002 riots or who speaks out against the state government.

· This attitude of the Congress party is dangerous to the federal governance of the Country. The appeal made by the Congress Party to shield such officers by the Union Government and the Supreme Court is direct invitation to raise rebel against the State government and encouraging political activities by a service officer which is a serious misconduct under the All India Services (Conduct & Appeals) Rules prescribed by the Government of India. This shows the Congress party can go to any extent to topple a democratically elected government. This should be condemned by all who believe in Rule of Law.

· Shri Rahul Sharma, I.P.S. (GJ-1992) was serving as Deputy Commissioner of Police (Control), Ahmedabad City during 24-3-2002 to 3-7-2002.Shri Rahul Sharma was not the Investigating Officer (IO) or the direct supervisory officer for the offences for which the Compact Disks were procured from Cell phone service providers.

· Shri Rahul Sharma on receiving the said CDs did not include the same as Case property (Muddamal).

· He neither handed over the same as case property (Muddamal) to the Supervisory Officer, Shri S.S. Chudasama, Assistant Commissioner of Police, (Crime) Ahmedabad city nor to the investigating officers Shri G. L. Khunti, Shri D.A. Rathod and Shri K. M. Vaghela respectively of Naroda Police Station CR No I 193/02.

· He did not inform the court of jurisdiction about the procurement of CDs and unlawfully retained with him.

· Hence, he caused damage to the investigation as the CDs collected from service providers of the Cell phone Companies could not become the part of the investigation.

· Shri Rahul Sharma on transfer and at the time of relinquishing his charge as DCP (Control Room) Ahmedabad city did not hand over the aforesaid case property to his successor or investigating officer of this case and illegally carried the CDs with him.

· Thus, Shri Rahul Sharma grossly violated the provisions of law, deliberately caused harm to the investigation of the said case by not depositing the CDs as case property.

· Because of this gross misconduct Show cause Notice has been issued by the state government to explain his conduct.

· There is no charge-sheet given to him nor any suspension order has been made by the state government.

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