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Gujarat's CM at Saurashtra Narmada Jal Avtaran Jan Jagruti Mahayagya

On the morning of Sunday 5th May 2013 Shri Narendra Modi attended Saurashtra Narmada Jal Avtaran Jan Jagruti Mahayagya organized by the Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust at Gondal Taluka, Rajkot District. Shri Modi said that the people of Gujarat are such that they not only think of the wellbeing of the present generations but also think of the happiness and wellbeing of the future generations. “This programme is a Shilanyas for the happiness of the coming generations,” he affirmed. Shri Modi shared his dream that every part of Gujarat is blessed with sufficient water and added that in the coming years, the same (lack of) water that was seen as the reason behind Gujarat’s problems will now be the reason behind the state’s progress.

The Chief Minister described this Yagya as a pure initiative and said that people from all over the nation must know about it. He also shared that he was not sure if he would be able to come to the programme due to the model code of conduct but pointed that the authorities also saw this as a pure initiative, which is why his visit was possible.

Shri Modi said that Gujarat may not have the Ganga, Yamuna, Krishna, Godavari and the state may have Rann but the people of Gujarat are not those who will keep lamenting about it and do nothing. “We will find a way from what we have got,” he pointed out.

He spoke about the importance of water conservation and Khet Talavadis in Gujarat. Speaking about the Kalpasar Yojana, Shri Modi said that it has the capability to solve Gujarat’s water problems for the next 100 years. Shri Modi stressed on the need of embracing drip irrigation and shared the Mantra of ‘per drop, more crop.’ He urged women to take the lead in the movement to embrace drip irrigation. He also talked about the state Government’s initiative of solid waste management in 50 towns and cities for water conservation.

On the occasion, Shri Modi attacked the Prime Minister over the Centre’s refusal to allow gates to be installed on Sardar Sarovar Dam. He affirmed, “Gates have to be installed on Sardar Sarovar Dam. If we start work today, it will take three years. The Gates are ready. Our MPs, even Advani ji went to PM but everything the PM asks- it has not happened even now?” He further added that if gates are installed on Sardar Sarovar Dam then even the water problems of Maharashtra will be solved but the Congress is not bothered about their own ruled states as well. “They are only worried about nephews, uncles…see how nephews have also jumped into the game!” he declared referring to recent corruption cases vis-à-vis kin of a UPA Minister.Shri Modi also talked about the Statue of Unity, to tribute Sardar Patel at the Sardar Sarovar Dam. He said that it would be double the size of the Statue of Liberty.

In his speech, Shri Modi profusely congratulated the NGO that organized the programme and took on the so-called activists over their double standards. “Had this NGO been English speaking, with people who wear torn Kurtas with Jholas, who frequent 5 Star hotels and got money from overseas, it would have been praised all over India and the world. Oppose Narmada and you will shine on TV but support it and it is different,” he stated.

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