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Gujarat's CM Shri Narendra Modi encouraged the students of SRM University

Crediting the immense scope of education in bringing about a change, Shri Narendra Modi encouraged the students of SRM University to make the most of their educational prowess and contribute to Nation-building, during his address at the 9th Convocation of SRM University on the morning of 9th February.

Urging the students to always remember their motherland which has contributed throughout the journey of their lives, Shri Modi said, “Do whatever you can to make India innovative and competitive.” Sharing the success story of Microsoft CEO Satya Narayana Nadella, Shri Modi encouraged the students to succeed and reach great heights in life. “Satya Nadella’s success is good news. I am sure you aspire to reach where he has. My advise – create a Microsoft and Apple here in India.” He also urged the students to value the fact that they were amongst the privileged few who could study in a prestigious institution, while asking them not to forget the less privileged. ““SRM according to me stands for Selfless service, Research for nation building, and Man-making instead of money making,” said Shri Modi.

Underscoring the significance of education Shri Modi spoke of how education was the strongest way to counter poverty and its tremendous impact towards Nation building. He acknowledged the fact that India was home to the brightest minds, and called for the need to establish more educational institutions like SRM.

Shri Modi accented the need to ensure the development of 3 important aspects that are relevant to the present-day growth and development module. These were skill development, speed and scale. He called for the need to give a boost to skill development activities, while ensuring that the pace of every development effiort was quick and effective. He also spoke of how the scale of operations for each of our initiatives mattered in its reach and impact.

Speaking about the power that lay with each of us, Shri Modi said, “Every voter is a Bharat Bhagya Vidhata,”, but added that in order to encash on this potential, we must provide every individual with the right system that ensures good education, technological institutions and an effective system at the societal level. He also highlighted the need to focus on the improvement of various sectors including agriculture, forestry, mining, rivers et al, while urging the audience to contribute at reducing our dependence on imports. He called for the need to take sincere efforts at securing our sovereignty and integrity.

Shri Modi also stressed on how important it was to focus our initiatives at ensuring a better tomorrow, so that the coming generations could live well. “The young generation of today is globally connected. They want to live in an equitable and efficient India. We have to be ready for this, and work for this,” said Shri Modi.

Emphasizing on India’s unparalleled demographic dividend, Shri Modi put forth his view of ensuring skill development, while adding that if given the power to perform, the youth of our country would achieve in a mere 60 months what could not be achieved in the past 60 years.

On the occasion, Shri Modi also unveiled the statue of founder Pachaimuthu ji’s mother Valliamai in front of the college.

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