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Ensuring security, equality, prosperity and equity is instrumental to the Nation’s growth

The need to adapt a growth model that ensured equality for one and all, irrespective of their cast, creed or religion, formed the crux of Shri Narendra Modi’s address at the Ummat Business Conclave 2014, held in Ahmedabad, on the morning of 7th February, 2014.

Emphasizing on the 4 most important facets of Gujarat’s growth and development story – Security, Equality, Prosperity and Equity – Shri Modi spoke about how adherence to these in all government and societal initiatives had ensured a safe and secured living for the people of Gujarat, irrespective of their cast, creed, religion or status.

Speaking about the cotton industry of Gujarat, Shri Modi underscored the need for not just the export of cotton but also its value addition. He encouraged the producers to adapt the 5 F formula, which involved farm, fibre, fabric, fashion and foreign. Highlighting the immense scope entailed in this segment, Shri Modi spoke of the need to ensure maximum production at minimum cost by ensuring that the entire process – beginning from production to the export of cotton – happens at the same place. Shri Modi urged the industrialists to come up with projects that will ensure the progress of the economy and prosperity of the poor, while ensuring them complete cooperation from the Government.

Speaking about how a fair approach, adopted in Gujarat, had gone a long way in contributing to the growth of all sections of the society, Shri Narendra Modi gave the example of the Jyotigram Yojana that ensured 24-hour electricity to all villages. This, he said, had enabled even the lower sections of the society to prosper, as the regular electric supply had ensured better production capacity and manufacturing ability. “24-hour electricity not only ensured comfortable living, but also enhanced the financial growth of the economy,” said Shri Modi.

Shri Modi highlighted how a participative and fair approach, wherein the Government and the society working together, had contributed to the development of all sections of the society in Gujarat. Citing the example of Ismail Sheru, a Muslim farmer in Banaskantha, Shri Modi spoke about how his adaptation of the government initiative of drip irrigation had earned him the record of producing the maximum potatoes per hectare, even while ensuring the best of quality.

Underscoring Gujarat’s growth story in every domain, Shri Modi spoke of how the State, which was earlier attributed only as a trader state, had today succeeded in making its mark on the manufacturing front, by focusing on its entrepreneurial skills and through adaptation of technology. He emphasized on the need to focus on delivering Zero defect product and promote global marketing so as to ensure our position on the global platform and thereby aid the creation of Brand India.

Recalling his early days as a young child, Shri Modi spoke about how the members of the Chhipa Samaj in his village had worked relentlessly and delivered good quality in the printing of cloth, but could not go beyond a certain level of production and productivity due to lack of technology. Citing the current day scenario, he said that, with the right guidance and training, the same community had today prospered with the adept use of technology. “Why shouldn’t there be change, why shouldn’t we adapt modernity,” stated Shri Modi.

Putting forth the need to make our kids job creators, instead of job seekers, Shri Modi spoke about the significance of skill development. He highlighted the need for a ‘development partnership’ – through the participation of society and government – which would enable the youth to better their skills and thereby contribute to personal, as also the country’s growth. “The more we give importance to skill development, the more competent will be our youth,” said Shri Modi. He also spoke of the need to map the talent of the Muslim youth through research, and provide them with due growth opportunities. “We need to map which are the areas where the Muslim youth have shown immense talent. They can give a lot and we will help them,” said Shri Modi. He assured of the Government’s support to develop the untapped skill, while adding that by providing the youth with the right guidance and proper environment, we could involve them in the Nation’s growth process. He said that with the mantra of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’, the nation and its people could achieve new heights of growth and development.


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