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9th Krishi Mahotsav 2013

On the morning of Tuesday 14th May 2013 Gujarat's CM For the 9th Annual Krishi Mahotsav at Radhanpur in North Gujarat’s Patan district. In his speech, Shri Modi described the Krishi Mahotsav as a Yagna of development and spoke at length about how the Krishi Mahotsavs have brought about a qualitative difference in the lives of farmers of Gujarat. The Chief Minister stressed on the need of drip irrigation and shared that from 1960-2000, only 12,000 hectares of land were under drip irrigation whereas today over 9 lakh hectares of land are under drip irrigation. He particularly congratulated the farmers of neighboring Banaskantha district for their strides in drip irrigation.

Shri Modi said, “By embracing drip irrigation, the farmers have not only saved water but also saved the coming generations. By embracing drip irrigation, the farmers have not only sown seeds of their crop but also the seeds of Gujarat’s future.” The Chief Minister urged the people of Patan to emulate the good work of their farmer colleagues of Banaskantha vis-à-vis drip irrigation and urged the women to be more proactive in this. Shri Modi also called for a competition on who embraces drip irrigation more effectively. He added, “Even if they burn Modi effigies but if they embrace drip irrigation, honor them. Drip irrigation is more important than Modi.” The Chief Minister opined that in a time when Maa Narmada blessing the region, we must save water so that the poor can gain from this. He further opined that drip irrigation saves water, labour and power and at the same time increases productivity.

Shri Modi called for greater usage of latest scientific techniques in agriculture and said that the Krishi Mahotsavs are a step in this direction. “Land will not increase but the number of people will. Solution to this is to maximize production in the land and this can be done through scientific methods. Krishi Mahotsav is a step in this direction,” he stated.

The Chief Minister stated that the Government has taken great steps in the field of animal husbandry as well. He shared that in the Pashu Arogya Melas, which commence, over 5000 animals will be operated on and for the first time, orthopedics for animals have been called. He also shared that the Government has integrated universities and agriculture scientists, who will leave their labs and go to the farmers. He urged the farmers to visit the exhibits and ask as many questions as possible to the authorities and scientists.

Talking about the difference made by initiatives such as Krishi Mahotsav, Shri Modi affirmed, “Earlier also you were involved in farming. There were officials, budgets, there was everything but did anything reach you? Did you even know where the officials were? No, it was very tough to even meet the officials. For 40 years, in this blistering hear no MLA, Minister or Chief Minister came to you. Instead, if you had a good mango season, half of it would be taken,” he said. In contrast, Shri Modi pointed, “Today if a farmer does well, the Government takes notice, officials come and understand how this happened. Progressive farmers are honored and they go to other farmers and guide them as well.” Shri Modi opined that Gujarat has also worked on skill development in the field of agriculture.

Speaking on the Krishi Mahotsavs, Shri Modi said that in this blistering heat, over a lakh Karmayogis of the State Government go to the villages and interact with the farmers and this is nothing but a Yagna. Yet, those who are mindlessly criticizing Gujarat day and night will continue to do so. He pointed that the craze to be on TV or in the news is such that the anti-Gujarat elements have invented new laboratories of abuses. Shri Modi also said that the people of Gujarat know such people very well and have answered them on many occasions through the ballot. He urged these elements to join the development journey of Gujarat and affirmed, “By opposing things you will not gain, neither will your party gain and the question of Gujarat gaining does not arise.”

A large number of farmers came to the occasion to hear Shri Modi despite the blistering heat.

Earlier, Ministers Shri Liladharbhai Vaghela and Shri Parbatbhai Patel spoke on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion, MLA Shri Shankarbhai Chaudhary lauded Shri Narendra Modi for the work he has done for the people and said that if he were to start talking about the good work done by the Chief Minister, they would be sitting at the venue for ages.

Also present on the occasion were Cabinet Ministers Shri Babubhai Bokhiria, Shri Ramanlal Vora, Shri Nitinbhai Patel, Minister of State Shri Pradeepsinh Jadeja, Rajya Sabha MPs Shri Natuji Thakore & Shri Dilipbhai Pandya, Lok Sabha MP Smt. Jayshreeben Patel, former Ministers Shri Dilip Thakore, Shri Rabari and other leaders.

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