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Guajrat's CM Shri Narendra Modi addresses finale of Manthan in Delhi

Addressing a record number of youngsters at the finale of Manthan in Delhi, Shri Narendra Modi inspired the youngsters to believe in themselves and said that the only solution to all problems is development. He answered the questions put forward by youngsters from all over the nation. Over 8000 questions came from all the parts of the nation, which Shri Modi answered in his unique and inspiring style.

The questions Shri Modi received were diverse in nature. A girl asked him on whether the ideas they have shared today will be implemented. Mayank from IIT Delhi wanted to know- if I want to vote for a party but the candidate is a criminal what shall I do? There was another question on India’s defence self sufficient in producing weapons.

A question on agriculture and farmer suicides was asked to Shri Modi. A resident from Gujarat wanted to know about Gujarat’s development once Shri Modi becomes the Prime Minister of India. A girl from Assam asked Shri Modi about what prospects Shri Modi finds appealing from the North East. Thoughts on women’s safety were also raised.

Youngsters wanted to know about Shri Modi’s own political journey, how did he start it. One youngster asked about the fears a middle class youngster would have if he or she wanted to join politics. Questions went about the link between terrorism and Pakistan and where Shri Modi sees India in 2020.

The youth were keen to hear Shri Modi’s views on agriculture and why there are farmer suicides despite such big promises of food security. Shri Modi’s views on secularism were also sought. Shri Modi as asked a question on how he views secularism and what needs to be done to increase voter awareness and participation among the young.

On the development of the North East, Shri Modi called for the strengthening of tourism in the area. He said, “It is my conviction that terrorism divides, tourism unites.” Shri Modi shared that two years ago he had written to the Chief Ministers of North Eastern states for an initiative where 200 women police personnel from each North East state can come to Gujarat. This can strengthen integration and their fluency in English can give a great push to the concept of tourism police.

Commenting about the need for transparency in policy making and the importance of people participation in governance Shri Modi shared, “People participation in policy making can make a big difference. We need openness in Governance. So we put draft policies online and this has been very successful. After framing policies we never have to look back because after all it is the people who made them!”

Narendra Modi ji also called for integrating universities into policymaking as there is a lot to gain from their academic expertise. He commented, “There is a disconnect. Thinkers are at one place, decision makers are at another place and those who work are at another place.”

On the state of agriculture, Shri Modi strongly pitched for the lab to land approach. He called for dividing agriculture into three aspects- regular farming, animal husbandry and agro forestry. He recalled that he was made the head of an expert committee by the Prime Minister on issues pertaining to agriculture but nothing has been done on the recommendations made. Referring to that Shri Modi pointed, “We had a lot of meetings, did a lot of studies and worked very hard. We gave the report but it has been two years since we gave the report and what followed I do not have to say. 62 actionable points were given. It was also suggested to divide the FCI into three parts – for buyers, those who keep the grains and the distributors.” Likewise, Shri Modi also pointed that technology must be used to ascertain what is needed where, which will help agriculture. He also called for the need for land measurement, which has not been done for years.

Narendra Bhai called for focusing on outcome over outlay and called for going ahead of outcome to work towards social auditing. Likewise, he spoke about the need to integrate technology in every aspect of our lives. He opined that technology goes a long way in improving transparency too.

Answering the question on poor candidates, Shri Modi said that the Honourable Supreme Court has already answered that question and removed the tension among the voters.

Removing the fears of the youngsters who felt that their background may be an impediment to work for the nation Shri Modi stated, “Forget if you are rich or poor. You must have faith in yourself. I come from a very poor family. I said it for the first time recently that in my childhood I sold tea in the Railways. Before being the Chief Minister I did not even know how a CM’s chamber looks like. I never fought an election at school, not even for the post of monitor…forget all this about your background and where you were born. If you have the passion to work then just get up and set forth and you will find the way!”

Narendrabhai said that for him secularism means India First. He added, “Justice to all, appeasement for none. No votebank politics. Poor is poor. Immaterial if he or she goes to a Temple, Mosque or Gurudwara. For some secularism has become a tool to mislead the people.” Shri Modi expressed confidence that the nation has moved ahead from the dialogues of the 1980s and the people recognize those misleading them.

Shri Modi called for integrating women in the decision making process and to make them self-sufficient. He shared that Asian countries have accepted women leaders.

During the interaction he stressed on the need for youngsters to register as voters, saying that becoming a voter must become a matter of great pride. He urged youngsters to join the India272 platform and share their thoughts with him there.

As Shri Modi concluded his speech the youngsters gave him a standing ovation and said, “WE WANT MODI, WE WANT MODI!”

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