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To present priceless Indian treasures, Ancient age culture meets new age technology

India with its vibrant culture and traditions has been guiding people from all over the world since ancient times. But there has been no organized effort to present all its scriptural treasures under one single roof. This wealth of information has to be stored and passed on to the coming generations. After spending considerable thought on this, I decided to contribute in whatever way I could, in reviving interest in our scriptural knowledge by initiating this website www.indianscriptures.com, an offering of Shrivedant Foundation which I had founded in the year 2001, which also got support from my husband Shri Kamal Shah.

The Foundation is actively spearheading various charitable activities like building temples, starting an online Vedic University, designing online Vedic course curriculum, establishing Gaushalas, conducting yagnas and spiritual classes worldwide besides many others. More details of the activities can be found on the website www.shrivedant.com.  I am confident that we can bring our ancient Indian traditions and new age technology together, in a fascinating manner on the Internet. Here my educational background has come in handy. As a lifelong student of Vedanta, having read many of our sacred texts and scriptures I am quite certain I can put this knowledge to good use.

My meeting with Shri Narendra Modi, Honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat in February this year was a blessing as I had the opportunity to present details about this unique portal to him in person. His guidance has been invaluable and based on the CM’s suggestions I was able to meet many people who are like minded and who would help in providing content and support for this project. The Chief Minister further helped in giving direction to many of my ideas and inspired me with his feedback and advice. His erudition and foresight would certainly encourage us to carry on our mission with zeal.

India, in addition to being the largest democracy in the world, is a country of diverse languages, regional dance forms, dialects, food habits, political parties, different attires and musical gharanas. For thousands of years, it has been the land of rituals, traditions, scriptures, practices, manuscripts, shlokas, mantras, extremely advanced sciences, a complete lifestyle and more. Indian contributions to various fields such as mathematics, medicine, yoga, science, life science, relationships, music, dance forms, and so on, are a result of study, research and experimentation of many rishis and seers born millions of years back.

This priceless collection is not easily accessible to everyone in today’s time as it is written in Sanskrit and we have unfortunately lost touch with the language and hence, very few of us are aware of its existence and practical importance in our daily life. Making generous use of latest technology in the presentation of the content and features in a manner most practical for everyday use, www.Indianscriptures.com has core content that is contributed by authorities in the field and hence authentic and complete. USPs of the website are its completeness, authenticity, features, ease of practical use, elegant presentation, opportunity to participate in discussion forums, free registration, various courses available to choose from, opportunity to contribute to the content, and offer charity to save temples and manuscripts.

Our goal is to create a one stop portal for Indian scriptures belonging to various school of thoughts such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism and so on, epics and books contributed by renowned gurus, scholars and institutions, compiled and presented in logical, scientific and rational manner. The website is an online platform for people across the globe to connect to scholars and Vedic scientists. They can interact with them and exchange their views and ideas. It is created keeping in view everyone’s needs and hence surfers from all age groups will benefit from it.

The site will effectively support those who want to save and promote libraries, manuscripts and rare books on Vedic culture. Online live support will be extended to all users to help clarify their doubts and queries. The site will be launched in various phases and viewers will get fresh content every month. Viewers will get an opportunity to get live relay of various temples, video conferencing, blogging, downloading various mantra, shloka and puja, learn various aspects of Vedic society in the form of course curriculum, watch videos of various rituals to learn more about them in the near future.

With its interactive, user friendly features we hope to attract our readers to meaningfully contribute by participating in discussions, volunteer for other service activities mentioned in the portal so that it will be a rewarding exercise. Our Scriptural inheritance is very vast and each day helps us to uncover many new facets which bring about a fresh perspective in our understanding. Try hard as we might it would not be possible to completely exhaust exploring this treasure chest in our lifetime and so we would like you to join us in this mission of spreading the light of knowledge. Come let us journey together to rediscover the glory of Bharat.

Vaishali Shah

President – Shrivedant Foundation

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