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Gujarat’s economic success merits more attention

Next generation has much greater orientation to give back to the society: Sadbhavna Mission also promotes sense of ownership for our country

Gujarat is at a historically supreme moment - The Sadbhavna Mission is committed to enacting vision for sustainable future and Gujarat’s development on all fronts. The reverence and adulation the mission has achieved is incomparable.

Since last one decade, Gujarat has emerged as a strong role-model for social harmony- Sadbhavna- and progress. All the Indians yearn for development, social change, peace, harmony and inclusive development- the fruits of development must reach up to the poorest of the poor, every Indian must partner the journey of development following the Gujarat’s way.

Gujarat’s economic success merits more attention, in the last decade Gujarat has attained and retained the double digit growth rate. Any state of the world finds it difficult to dream double digit growth for agriculture- Gujarat has done a miracle in agriculture. The conventional wisdom of farmer and cutting edge findings of scientists has proved that Gujarat is leading the 2nd Green Revolution.

Within a decade Gujarat has turned out as a revenue surplus state, energy surplus state. Despite global recessionary trends the capital investors have preferred Gujarat as the most favoured destination. The port-sector has found wind in its sail; the sector is growing by leaps and bounds. Gujarat offers the best infrastructure facility. Gujarat has bagged citizen safety award, the peaceful culture has continuously catalyzed the growth. Gujarat also leads the blue revolution by constructing chain of check-dams and dams, farm-ponds. The water-tanker is a past story; the water of Narmada has reached up to Kachcha and many other parts of the State. Gujarat has embarked vigorously on the school programme- Gujarat has achieved 100% enrolment and successfully reduced the drop –out up to just 2%. Simultaneously Gujarat has established new universities, started new courses and streams, addition of thousands of seats in engineering and medicines ensures to fulfill the future needs.

Fasting is the most powerful tool to further enhancing the peace, social harmony - respect for all. The best joy comes when we are able to do something for our state and nation- hundreds of youths and citizens from all walks of life have joined the Sadbhavna -Mission. The next generation has much greater orientation to give back to the society. The mission has also promoted the sense of ownership for our country, it has shown that we care for or fellow citizens.

Sadbhavna Mission has evoked a positive change in the society- a cultural revolution- it is to rebuild the political institution, restoring the patriotism among the youth. It is likely to revive the feeling and emotions among the citizens to live for Gujarat- to live for India. Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi has literally fought for Gujarat’s interests with his vision and sweat. Addressing a gathering at Dwarka Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday asked the people to stay away from the separatist forces and join the forces uniting the nation through peace and harmony.The world is passionately watching the silent revolution- a new era of social harmony, rejecting the vote bank politics.

The march of the Gujarat and our nation is to go on with dignity, increasing strength and stability. Message has gone loud and clear that Sadbhavna mission is to further enhance the radiance of Gujarat’s development.

Sources: Gujarat Information Bureau 

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