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Fragrance is renting in the air, it is all about the moments that inspire all, the Chintan-Shibir concluded with the inspiring address by Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi today at Kachchh-desert. He expressed his firm resolve to realise the vision of ‘Taluka-Government'. This is certainly going to deliver optimal results, by expanding new development initiatives up to the grassroots
Envisaging healthy development-completions between district to district and taluka to taluka-covering all the 26 districts and 225 talukas of the State-, Chief Minister called upon the civil servants to provide their dynamic leadership for the same.
With full devotion, administration of Gujarat has to be the energetic source for bringing about advanced development. Also render welfare service with full vigour, added C.M.
The contemplation conclave took-up seven topical-themes, it had six sessions of group discussions -thought provocative and brain storming sessions- along with series of informal discussions. Focal point of the Chintan remained the new development pattern of Gujarat in context of 21st Century. Gujarat administration has evolved a brand-image of ‘Team-Gujarat'. Contemplation exercise envisions all-round development of common-man, seeks to find solutions to the problems faced by citizens. Around 180 officials', Ministers and Chief Minister took part in the Chintan-Shibir. Sense of commitment is quite pertinent.
The Chintan-Yatra from Kevadiya to Kachchh witnessed many milestones. It has emerged as a Chetana-Yatra in its true form and sense. Chief Minister expressed his desire that the exercise would bring about positive changes, qualitative changes in the life of a common-man. People would definitely feel the change. The Chetana-Yatra, potentially useful, it has blazed a new path, found new direction. With an approach of pro-active good governance in all the sectors, development goals are filled with full of innovation and dedication.
Reflecting on his four-prong approach, Chief Minister asked,” Apply your innovative vision and profound leadership skills in your department; also apply it in other sectors too. Discover the landmark achievement that has taken place in any part of the country, study it and evolve a strategy to replicate it for Gujarat. Find out about the breakthrough that has happened in any part of the world; develop the creative zeal to apply that for the betterment of Gujarat. “Chief Minister made some of the most insightful suggestions during his address.
He asked the officials to seek inspirations from Dr.Kalam. His devotion for the welfare of mankind is really splendid. With a unique spirit, Dr.Kalam energized all with the “Development Vision of Gujarat”. He also asked the officials to provide magnetic leadership. Energize the administration with their dynamism.
Appreciating the collective strength of “Team- Gujarat”, Chief Minister asked the officials to work with devotion and dedication. Do not bother about praise or avid criticism in the path forward. In intent, strategy and action-Serve with true devotion, not by authority. He called upon five-lakh Karmayogies to contribute in architecting Swarnim Gujarat.
Outlining the theme of enhancing Taluka Administration, C.M made inspiring suggestions for building Taluka-teams. He asked in-charge secretary of the districts and departmental secretaries to provide their leadership acumen in realizing the vision of “Taluka Government”. The dream is already enshrined in our democracy. Create an environment which fosters healthy competition between taluka to taluka, district to district. Evolve a self-sustained model that triggers such competitions.
He highlighted the success of Jan-Shakti. By encouraging public private partnership, we may reduce the burden over administration.
He expressed his firm resolve of enkindling the lamps of Satva-Samtva, Mamtva, Tatva, and Prabhutva by enhancing Karmayogi Maha Abhiyan.
Gujarat is making rapid strides on all fronts. By exploring various energy resources, exploring non -conventional energies, we may overcome the adverse impacts of global warming. Gujarat has shown the path to the world by organizing Chintan-Shibir in desert.
In organised manner, expand Chintan-Shibir up to village level as “Gunatmak Chetana Yatra”. We have to wipe off tears of poor. Coming true to the expiations of the people. We have got an opportunity to realise dreams of people, to work for happiness and betterment of the society. Inculcate devotion to the duty; arouse the sense of duty in every citizen. On the occasion of Suvarna-Jayanti, let us make quality enabled value-addition in to the rich and glorious legacy that has been inherited by Gujarat administration. C.M expressed his firm confidence that every one would extend his cooperation in this regard.
Chief Secretary Shri D.Rajgopalan termed the Chintan Shibir as a unique initiative, which is sending special message to the administration. He gave an assurance to the Chief Minister that administration is fully committed to achieve the goals, will also realise the Chief Minister's vision for ‘Swarnim –Gujarat'.
The contemplation conclave also witnessed the exquisite beauty of desert, experienced the soul of desert. Yog- Upasana sessions were also there to enhance soul-power.
Information Bureau, Government of Gujarat
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