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Gujarat CM Addresses Teachers Regarding Primary Teachers’ Preparatory Training Course

Gujarat CM Smt. Anandiben Patel launched primary teachers’ preparatory training course as a part of yearly training for motivating teachers and principals of primary schools to teach students in a better and established manner. CM Smt. Patel cautioned that compromising the quality of education would be an evil for the society in future. To find a way out for the issues pertaining in terms of education, CM Smt. Patel was very considerate to help the faculties with a proper teaching pattern.

CM Smt. Patel informed that a teacher occupies a major role in the life of a student. After the child is born, he learns a little from the mother, but a teacher is there with him for the rest of his life teaching him important lessons. The learning process doesn’t have a full stop, which means that learning should be so concrete that the child never forgets.

Speaking on the subject of improving the language skills of students, CM Smt. Patel said that examinations of students should be taken regularly so that we can know where the student is standing in terms of education and knowledge. Students should frequently be given essays to write. It will ultimately yield excellent results in terms of improving their languages.

Talking about the burden faced by children, CM Smt. Patel explained that burden remains the main concern of parents. Burdening the student with a lot of homework is not a relevant teaching method, but how far they have gained knowledge is important. Focusing on qualitative education more than quantitative will lead to substantial learning. Teachers should motivate the students to focus on boosting their general knowledge, CM Smt. Patel added.

CM Smt. Anandiben Patel stressed that rectification of teaching pattern is needed for improvement in the quality of education and suggested that teachers and principals should change the technique of teaching. She added that the minor mistakes of students that we usually ignore are the ones that lead to huge mistakes later on, so ensuring that the fundamentals of students are clear should be given foremost importance. It would help students to ease the language troubles, which they might face in future.

CM Smt. Patel informed that the government of Gujarat has taken many important decisions for uncompromised quality of education for all. Smart learning has played a key role in the lives of students. Digitalization was a necessity for changing the teaching pattern in the state so that education becomes easily digestible to students, but teachers should always correct the minor errors committed by students.

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