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Inaugurating the three-day National Congress –Ahmedabad: the Future of Asian Cities-, Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi stressed the need to adopt a model of town planning that enshrines the theme of “Cities for citizens with civilisation”. Our ancestors has bestowed us the vision and value chain. “We ought to revive the time honoured theme of strategic planning, particularly for the development of the cities, which is a win-win model, the model that pursues development –also nurtures nature,” added C.M. He also made insightful suggestions for discarding western influence. Modernization without westernization ought to be the motto of Asian town planning.
Asian Planning School Association is organizing the 10th International Congres at CEPT University Ahmedabad. Experts of urban management and planning, policymakers, scholars and researchers of 27 nations are going to contemplate on all the aspects of town-development and town planning. Around 130 research papers are to be presented during the 3-Days congress.
One of the most ancient civilisation-Dhola-Vira offers excellent insights about town planning. Chief Minister welcomed the delegates on the land of Gujarat. He stated that every town has its own history. Citizens have dreams about their town. We feel vibrancy of culture and development in it. A town has to offer something to everybody. Chief Minister said, “We have gathered here to plan out our new strategies. We have to strike unique balance by honouring our own philosophies, while chalking out our new strategies. “Chief Minister was addressing Asian town-planners at International Congress.
Our ancestors taught us, how to co-exist with nature? The town planning model, which we have inherited from them, takes care of our mind-body and soul. Shri Narendrabhai gave an example, ideal way to celebrate the entry by constructing a Toran. Whole town is one family. This is our culture. Previous civilizations had developed on the bank of rivers. Now the ‘Optic Fiber Network Corridor' is playing a crucial role in the development of civilisation. We inherit traditions and culture that takes optimum care of all the species. We had Chabutaras, where birds got their food. He emphasized the need emulate soul and good elements of town planning, from the model presented by our ancestors.
Going a step further, from cities for citizens, cities for citizens and civilizations, he asked to follow the ideals of Vasudheiv Kutumbkam. He also asked to undertake a detailed study of the earth-quake proof Bhoongas of Kutchcha, Water harvesting systems already innate in our culture, Pol -Cultures and time tested values of our civilisation. In 21st Century, 80% of world's total population is going to live in Asia. We need to develop matching infrastructures, added C.M.
Chief Minister also highlighted the theme of RUBERN culture, which has capacity to restrict the human flow towards urbanization. Shri Narendrabhai categorically asserted for the ‘Humane Touch' in development.
Dholera city is to be developed as the biggest Eco-City through out Asia. Previously, Ahmedabad and Surat were considered to be the most polluted cities. But the situation has certainly changed for better, Ahmedabad has become the Green City and Surat is marching ahead with an action plan to meet the challenges of climate-change. With positive interventions, political will, government could successfully win huge community participation. Gujarat has shown the path by implementing rehabilitation works in earth-quake affected Kutchcha on Public Private Partnerships.
President Asian Planning School Association Mr.Lik Meng Lee had lauded the vision and initiatives of the Chief Minister. He observed that the dynamic and progressive leadership by Shri Narendrabhai has shown the path. CEPT Chairman, Shri Shrenik Kasturbhai expressed his satisfaction over the contemplation process for discovering a new roadmap for town planning. Secretary General –ASPA- Shri Anthony outlined the objectives of International Congress.
Former Urban-Planning secretary to Union Government, Shri Anil Beisal also addressed the delegates.
Chief Minister released a “Compilation of Research Papers” and its C.D versions. He also visited the exhibition organised by CEPT.
Director of CEPT, Shri R.M.Vakil, Mayor Shri Kanaji Thakor, CEPT-Dean Shri Utpal Sharma, delegates, eminent leaders, invited dignitaries were among the others who attended the ceremony.
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