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Vadodara: Friday: Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi expressed his resolve to build a Buddha- Mandir in all its religious glory in the land of Gujarat. He was addressing an International Seminar on Buddhist Heritage at Vadodara today. Referring about the discourse-meet with H.D.H.Shri Dalai Lama, he added, “The divine and glorious temple would emerge as a global-centre to the philosophers and followers. Besides offering prayers and obeisance, they may get an opportunity to compare the religions from East and West, at the temple.”

It is my desire and dream to build a glorious Buddhist Temple in Gujarat. He also appealed to Shri Dalai Lama for offering his insightful guidance in to the project.

After the Maha Nirvan of Bhagvan Buddha, ancient cascade containing Holy-Relics of Buddha has been excavated from Devni Mori- Gujarat. It is for the first time, State seeks to present it before the world. Chief Minister made these observations during his address.

An International Seminar on Buddhist Heritage is jointly organised by Gujarat Government and M.S.University at Vadodara. The 3-Day Seminar was inaugurated by H.D.H.Shri Dalai Lama, in the august presence of the Chief Minister today. Vedantacharya Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Bhutan Minister Shri Liyompo Yeshi Zimba and the galaxy of national and international dignitaries, who were present on the occasion. President of Maha Bodhi Society of India Shri Bhupendrakumar Modi was also present on the occasion. Scholars and thought leaders from 14 nations would take part in to brain storming sessions. As many as 480 papers are to be presented during different sessions.

Gujarat has a rich cultural heritage linked to Buddhism, interwoven in confluence of thoughts. Important discovery from archeological point of view, the holy-relics are found from Devni Mori in Sabarkantha. Vadnagar, Junagadh-Girnar, Kachchha and Bharuch are also keeping a great significance; they had deep influences of Buddhism there. Under the reference, Chief Minister expressed his earnest desire to seek cooperation from historians and researchers across the world in carrying out research.

Shri Narendrabhai Modi stated that Gujarat has been globally positioned, earning a glorious niche. During his famous travels in India, Hieun Tsang, the renowned historians has noticed eminence and significance of Buddhism at Vadnagar and Vallabhi Bauddh Vishva Vidhya Peeth. Admiring rich heritage of Gujarat, Chief Minister observed that Gujarat finds a place in Buddhist Tourist Pilgrimage Circuit.

Chief Minister made an offer to thought leaders and philosophers to undertake comparative study between Hindu-Philosophy and Buddhist philosophy.

Outlining the relevance of ideals, principles and philosophy of Buddha in present world, Chief Minister said, “The world is in grip of conflicts and unrest, faces many crisis like problems. By imbibing compassionate vision of the world and Buddhist ethics, also Hindu religion and culture offers solutions. The values and ideals are fully relevant. With global accountability, love and compassion, it offers an element of humanity in relationships. Be it a crisis of climate change, violence, terrorism, consumerism, we derive inspirations from Buddhism to address those crisis and problems. The four noble truths of Buddhism can cure sufferings and pains of mankind. “He also referred to the valuable insights to conquer anger and greediness, which is derived from Buddhism.

Gujarat has rich traditions and history, great philosophers and thought leaders dedicated their lives to the cause of Buddhist philosophy, carrying out study at Vallabhi Buddha Vidhya Peeth. Students from world over came here to study Buddhism. Shri Narendrabhai Modi stated the Shila-Lekh –Stone inscriptions of Samrat Ashoka, at Junagadh. Our national emblem imbibes the symbol of 3-lions. He called upon the scholars to undertake research work in this regard, whether there is any reference or relevance.

Eastern religions- Hindu, Buddha, Jain Dharma consider values of meditation, inward journey and introspective dialogue. The western culture is absolutely a stark contrast of it.

Shri Narendrabhai Modi urged to make Gujarat a Buddhist Tourist Heritage destination .He made an announcement that M.S.University would start a Centre of Religious Study.

Swami Dayanand

Swami Dayanad saraswatijee elaborated upon the Hindu Religious Culture and its global values. He highlighted the principle of nonviolence enshrined in Buddhism. Existence of mankind is linked to nature. Our culture offers valuable insights of co-existence.

According to Hinduism, Non-Violence is the supreme religion. Buddhism also preaches the same philosophy; he added .He had lauded the leadership acumen of Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi.

Tourism Minister Shri Jaynarayan Vyas highlighted the historic importance of Gujarat. The tourist’s sites linked to Buddhist heritage offers immense possibilities.

Chief Patron Mahabodhi Society Shri Bhupendra Modi also addressed the seminar.

Lama Shri Gunratna Hero from Singapore mesmerized the audience with his Mangalshatak recitations.

Canada M.P.Shri Rubi Dhalla outlined the initiatives to strengthen Canada’s bilateral relations with Gujarat. Canada has opened up a trade centre in Gujarat. Under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi, Gujarat has earned a global niche. He gave an invitation to the Chief Minister to visit Canada.

Bhutan Minister Liyompo:

Buddhism is the soul of Bhutan. Gujarat has capacity to become a centre of Pilgrimage for the people of Bhutan. Buddhism is the greatest gift to the mankind. India and Bhutan shares the soul of Buddhism.

Shrilankan Shri Banagala Uptissa Nayake Thero:

The Seminar has offered an opportunity to renew and strengthen the relationships. The holy-relics of Buddha are of great importance for the Shrilankan people. Shrilnaka celebrates Buddha-Utsav; I take this opportunity to invite the C.M to come to Shrilnaka with the holy-relics of Buddha.

H.D.H. Shri Dalai Lama released a souvenir on the occasion.

State Ministers, eminent leaders, national and International dignitaries, Chancellor of M.S.University Dr. Mrunalini Devi, Vice Chancellor, and the delegates were among the others who attended the Seminar.

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