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Textile Industry of Gujarat

Ahmedabad was once called the ‘Manchester of the East’ due to the large number of textile mills in the city. Sadly, however, the ‘Manchester of the East’ fell into decline as the years went by and by the 1980s not only were the mills shut down but also lakhs of people lost their jobs! The entire industry was in disarray even as no remedial action was taken.

This bleak picture of decline was completely altered over the last decade under the guidance and leadership of Shri Narendra Modi. Being the largest cotton producer in the nation, Shri Modi understood the vitality of cotton cultivation and textile sector have in the development of Gujarat. That is why he undertook a complete transformation of these two sectors. The results are for everyone to see- in 2001 Gujarat produced 23 lakh bales of cotton whereas a decade later the figure stands at 1 crore 23 lakh bales.

Be it Saurashtra’s world famous Bandhani or the weaves of Kutch, the garments of Gujarat are acclaimed globally. While opening 20th National Garment Fair Shri Modi had touched upon an important aspect of Zero-defect production and guided the garment manufacturers to promote ‘Made in India’ brand with ‘Zero Defect’ to establish the nation’s credibility! Not only did he give these Mantras but also he gave his solid backing that inspired the industry to grow to new heights. From the cotton farmer to the garment manufacturer, Shri Modi has taken care of everyone!

But the Boon turns in to Curse: Cotton Export Ban:

The moment farmers of Gujarat cheer and celebrate the rise in the production of Cotton, each year the Central Government imposesa new anti-farmer policy.And the boon of being a largest producer of cotton suddenly turns into a Curse.

In 2010 central Finance ministry had imposed Rs. 2500 export duty per ton, next came the ban on cotton export in 2011 and after lifting the restrictions for a small period again the announcement of cotton export ban came in the year 2012.

On the contrary the same Central government assures subsidy on Mutton Export in order bring a “Pink Revolution” in the nation.

To ensure justice to the farmers of Gujarat Shri Modi has time and again raised the issue in front of the Central Government. In the year 2010 Shri Modi wrote a letter to the Prime Minister asking him to immediately lift the ban imposed on the export of Cotton, again in 2011 he wrote to the PM requesting him to withdraw the ban.

Revolutionizing the Textile Sector: The New Textile Policy:

In order to revolutionize the Textile sector of Gujarat the state government recently announced the New Textile Policy. It offers large number of incentives for cotton growers and textile mills including exemption in VAT (value-added tax) to the extent of 80-100% for a period of 10 years.

The policy primarily aims at safeguarding the interests of the cotton farmers, better price realization in national and international markets and value addition in the entire chain.It also aims to protect the farmers from the losses incurred due to the constant anti-farmer policies of UPA. Time and again, Shri Modi has said that he does not want the cotton farmer of Gujarat to be at the mercy of the UPA’s arbitrary policies.

One of the unique aspects of the policy is it aims at developing textile parks for cotton growing districts that will help farmers and will enable cloth and garments to be manufactured in the state itself.Shri Modi had recently announced a textile park in Surendranagar district to enable job creation for the youth.

The unique 5F, the Success Mantra:

In the recently held speech at Delhi University’s SRCC Shri Modi touched upon this 5F formula, which truly captured the imagination of the students there!

The moment Shri Modi explained 5F as an integrated approach to strengthen the value chain “Farm to Fibre to Fabric to Fashion to Foreign”, enhancing sustainable growth of farmers and industry, the students applauded loudly for the rarest concepts they never found it in their text books.

The Road Ahead: Technical Textile Segment:

Technical textiles are gaining importance due to an array of merits: health & safety, cost effectiveness; durability, high strength, light weight, versatility, customization, user friendliness, eco friendliness and ease of convenience.

Considering the significance of the technical textile sector to the holistic growth of the economy of the nation, Gujarat has also given impetus to this sector, providing special focus in the recent textile policy. Besides The Segment was covered upto a great extent in the recently held VGGS – 2013.

Textile Industry today has come leaps and bounds due to tiring efforts of the state government and the vision of Shri Modi of marching towards another ‘White Revolution in Cotton’.

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