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The Governor of Gujarat, Dr.Smt. Kamlajee has called upon the citizens to contribute to the greater glories of Gujarat, during the Golden Jubilee year. Gujarat would scale sublime heights; the achievements would demonstrate the ability and strength of Gujarat.

The Governor flagged off the Swarnim Gujarat Sanklap Jyot Rathyatra today. She recalled,” The land of Gujarat is bejeweled with great leaders, it is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, Iron Man of India -Sardar Patel and Pujya Ravishankar Maharaj. They have blessed the citizens, they enkindled the national spirits. Heart goes to them, they have created a history, and it remains with us, all the times.”

In the presence of Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi, Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly Shri Shaktisinh Gohil, The Governor had flagged off Swarnim Sanklap Joy Rath, connecting 19165 villages, the 223 ‘Sanklap Jyot Rath' would enlighten the people about the pledge and commitment-Swarnim Sanklap- the achievements and history is depicted. It has a 600 sq.ft display panel, highlighting the progress and achievements of Gujarat, besides the Swarnim-Sanklap. The Yatra would conclude on 14th April, the birth anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Aambedkar, the architect of India Constitution.

The Governor Dr.Smt Kamlajee:

Addressing the Swarnim Jayanti ceremony, the Governor said that Gujarat is acclaimed for its giant strides in various fields. Entrepreneurship is flowing in the genes of the community; they have shined out across the world with their hard work and wisdom. The Gujarati diaspora has carved out a unique niche for themselves, with their virtues and wisdom.

In the 20th Century, Gujarat has spearheaded the White-Revolution. Now, Gujarat is making rapid strides in agriculture. In the era of Globalisation and liberalisation, State is making brilliant contributions by garnering capital investment, and the great strides in industries.

The Governor noticed that the Swarnim Jayanti celebrations are taking place in context with auspicious and pious occasion of Maha Shivratri, and the birth anniversary of Pujaya Ravishankar Maharaj. It is really a matter of pride and glory for all of us, she added.

The Governor made heartfelt appeal to stand united with peace and brotherhood. Make collective efforts to take the State and nation to sublime heights.

Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi:

Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi called upon the citizens; the Swarnim Gujarat Sanklap Jyot Rathyatra infuses the spirit and vision of Swarnim Gujarat. It awakens our dedication and devotion to the duty. Like the Bhagvan Jagganathjee Rathyatra, the leadership of the Swarnim Sanklap Yatra is also taken by the people –the Janta-Janardan. It also an occasion to realise the dreams of our ancestors and the founders, he added.

With unique charm, vision, passion and commitment of the 5.5 Crore Guaranties, they all will move one step forward, it would take Gujarat to the unique heights, and he expressed his profound confidence.

Shri Narendrabhai Modi cautioned that the celebrations are not mere government functions. Nor it is aimed to publicise the breakthroughs and achievements of the State Government. He made an appeal to walk on the path trodden by Mahatma Gandhijee, Sardar Patel and Ravishankar Dada and many other dignitaries. He stressed the need to create an environment, under which, all would get an opportunity to contribute for Swarnim Gujarat.

For the young generation, he made fervent appeal to inculcate the reading habits; it would help those grasping right values.

Quiz competitions are to be held on the theme –the glorious legacy and history of 5000 years, the viewpoint of our ancestors- it would stimulate the intellectuality.

Chief Minister cited the success of Gujarati literature and Gujarati language. In an effort to create intense emotional attachment towards Gujarati language among the youth, elocution competitions would be held at schools and college level, all across the State, as part of the Swarnim Jayanti celebration.

Chief Minister inspired the youth to devote at least 100 hours for Gujarat. He outlined the theme of service activities in four categories, taking up large scale sanitation drives-Gandhijee loved cleanliness, very much- also to serve the poor patients. He called upon them to lead the literacy mission, so that no -one remains illiterate. Pursue the measures to save water and energy. He also inspired them to save nature-save the environment.

He spoke highly about the theme and objectives of Swarnim Gujarat Sanklap Jyot Rathyatra, that coincides with the auspicious-Maha Shivratri festival, and the birth anniversary of Pujya Ravishankar Dada. Pujaya Ravishankar Maharaj had given the message to follow the teachings and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, also to serve people in the right earnest. He had also given thrust to enact the ‘Gauraksha-Kanun'. He had motivated the people to stand united against the injustice, need to establish the eminence of Gujarat before those who had questioned about the identity of ‘Gujarat as the State'. When Gujarat commemorates the 50th anniversary, Chief Minister recalled the calling of Pujya Ravishankar Maharaj, and said that Gujarat would contribute to the development and welfare of nation and the world.

Before 1st of May, that is the Swarnim Jayanti of Gujarat, the Yatra would conclude on 14th April, it is the Birth-Anniversary of Dr.Babasaheb Aambedkar. He made an appeal to revolutionize the public movement, with the sense of devotion towards Gujarat.

Chief Minister sought to express his gratitude towards all those who have contributed for the development and progress of Gujarat, during the last 50 years. He lauded that all the political parties, all the former Chief Ministers, all the past Governments, M.Ps and MLAs and the people's representatives have enriched Gujarat with their contributions. With this excellence, the festival would emerge as an Open- University.

Leader of the Opposition: Shri Shaktisinh Gohil:

On the occasion of Swarnim Jayanti, Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, Shri Shaktisinh Gohil extended his warm greetings to all the citizens. He added, “We are really fortunate to witness the celebrations of Golden Jubilee year of Gujarat. The Glory of Gujarat is truly eternal. When Gujarat was bifurcated from Mumbai, there was a question of existence before it. But with the high spirit of Gujarati communities, and with the strength of the people of State, Gujarat is on the mountaintop of progress. I congratulate for the same. Let us all sharpen our pledge to contribute for the progress and prosperity of the poor. Of course, our Gujarati brothers have found respectable place in the list of billionaires.” We are proud to notice that the Gujarati boy or girl has transcended the space, but we have also to ensure to stand firmly against the female foeticide. He urged to make progress with nationalist's spirit. “We are Hindustani first,” he added.

The Governor, Chief Minister and the Leader of the Opposition had paid floral tributes to Pujya Ravishankar Maharaj at his statue in Gandhinagar today. Swarnim Sanklpa Jyot Rathyatra was flagged off with golden colour flags. Students of Mount Carmel School had taken the lead of Yatra, amidst the soulful renditions on the band. The girls had the Golden Pots over their heads.

Minister of State for Health, Shri Parbatbhai Patel delivered welcome address. Panchayat Secretary, Shri R.M.Patel proposed the vote of thanks. Chief Secretary Shri A.K.Joti, Director Swarnim Jayanti Celebrations Shri D.K.Rav, Development Commissioner Shri Sandip Gulati, Members of the Rajya Sabha, Members of the Parliament, MLAs, eminent leaders and people in large numbers had attended the ceremony.

Information Bureau, Government of Gujarat

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